Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Olympic Handball

Handball first appeared as a Summer Olympic sport in 1936. Medal sets are awarded to the top men's and women's teams.
Handball events at the 2008 Summer Olympics were held at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium and the Beijing National Indoor Stadium from August 9 to August 24, 2008. France took the gold medal in the men's event and Norway won the gold in the women's competition.
· Fast Facts
Men's handball played: 1936, 1972-
Women's handball played: 1976-
Men's and women's team medal sets awarded
Game length: Two 30-minute halvesOfficial Site:
Teams are allowed seven players on the court at any time
One of the top-attended Olympic sports
· History
Men's outdoor handball was introduced in 1936 at the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany.
The sport was suspended after the 1936 games, but men's indoor handball became a full medal sport in 1972.
At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada, the women's indoor handball event was added.

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